about us

Golf Course Membership Exchange Center was established in 1988 by Mr. Kitti Komthongsatid. In the past, there was no actual market price of course membership and there was only 7 golf courses where members could buy or sell membership publicly. Nowadays, there are 105 golf courses throughout Thailand, if it can not be exposed the actual market price, golfers will get disadvantage by buying more expensive price, in contrast, they may sell the membership at the lower market price, so that broker or golf course officers can make high profit. Thus, Mr Kitti, who has a great vision, had collected data from people who want to buy or sell their memberships, and then he disclosed official market price in Krungthep Thurakit newspaper at the first time in Thailand. That is a reason why Thai and overseas golfer accept the current market price officially disclosed by us for making decision to buy or sell golf course membership. Of course, it seems as if investors buy/sell stock in the stock exchange of Thailand. Overseas customers feel confident that they can buy membership at reasonable market price. In addition, when they go back to their countries, they can sell their golf memberships easily at the Golf Course Memberships Exchange Centre. This can be obviously proved by the number of golf courses, which is increasing from 7 to 105 due to the investment of new golf courses from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Europe, Australia, America and Hong Kong.

The company has performed the golf course membership broker since 1988; we are very well known for Thai and overseas golf business companies, and we give the information and better recommendation for golfers. Many golfers call to ask for more information such as telephone number, location of golf course, driving range, golf training institute, golf equipment, golf tour agency, and golf shop, The company realizes that website is so important to provide information 24 hours a day for both Thai and overseas customers from all over the world. Also, it will be a way to promote Thai Golf course to persuade the foreigners coming to play golf in Thailand.

Therefore, Golf Course Membership Exchange Centre has co-operated with eGuide.com Co., Ltd. to develop website named www.thaigolfcentre.com. Because eGuide is the most popular internet business directory in Singapore, also they have expanded to many parts of Asia. They have 1.6 million hits in a month that means 50,000 users worldwide a day looking in to eGuide for information. So we are appreciated to invite all golf entrepreneurs to joint with us, also other companies who want to advertise in our website. We believe that our website will be popular among wealthy golfers with high purchasing power. Moreover, we will advertise our website everyday in Krungthep Thurakit newspaper, Bangkok Post, The Nation and Golf Express.

For more information or need to advertise with us please call us, at (662) 259-0980-5 Fax (662) 259-0986 or email: info@thaigolfcentre.com